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by Alvin Plantinga

James N. Anderson

Note: This essay was originally presented to a reading group of postgraduate systematic theology students at New College, University of Edinburgh. It is pitched at an introductory level, specifically for readers who have may some familiarity with Plantinga’s work but not with his recent writings in epistemology, and does not pretend to any originality (except, perhaps, for the closing comments on theological paradox).

“I do think the Roman Catholic religion is a disease of the mind which has a particular epidemiology similar to that of a virus.” The sentiments of Richard Dawkins, here expressed in an interview by Skeptic magazine, [1] may seem a mite strong for many non-believers; but even so, a widespread contention persists that there is something mentally out-of-sorts, or epistemically sub-par, or simply irrational about belief in God (particularly when that deity is conceived in ways historically associated with the Judeo-Christian tradition). Does this charge have some weight? Moreover, what exactly is the charge here? Just what are the noetic qualities or virtues that religious believers are said to lack?

It is to answering such pressing questions that Alvin Plantinga sets his hand in Warranted Christian Belief , [2] the third volume in his critically acclaimed Warrant trilogy and widely regarded as one of the most important contributions to the philosophy of religion in recent years. In this work Plantinga not only sets forth a detailed exposition of the epistemology of religious belief (specifically, Christian theistic belief), but also takes on (and arguably decimates) some of the most serious contemporary objections to the rationality of such belief. The thesis of the book has wide-ranging implications for work in natural theology and Christian apologetics. It deserves to become a classic.

Having made clear my enthusiasm for WCB from the outset, I will begin by explaining some of the background to the book and the author’s purposes in writing it, before moving on to review its structure and main arguments. I will conclude by commenting on Plantinga’s success in achieving his purposes, as well as mentioning what I consider to be some productive avenues of further research based on his thesis.

WCB represents the culmination and maturation of Plantinga’s thinking on epistemology over the course of his academic career. In God and Other Minds , [3] Plantinga examined the traditional arguments both for and against God’s existence, concluding that all fall well below the standard of compelling proof. Intriguingly, however, he proceeded to argue that the rational respectability of theistic belief need not be thought any the worse in the face of such a verdict. In fact, belief in God appears to be on a par (epistemically speaking) with belief in other minds . While there are no successful arguments for the latter (Plantinga purports to show), it is nonetheless considered a rational belief to hold (given that there are no successful arguments against it); this being so, we should not think that belief in God suffers under any lesser epistemic credentials simply for lacking successful arguments in its favour. [4]

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